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Using NIXIT™

How do I use NIXIT™?

How will I feel when I start using NIXIT™?

Do NIXIT™ nicotine lozenges have any side effects?

If nicotine is the problem, why should I use nicotine-based lozenges?

Is NIXIT™ safe?

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to consume NIXIT™?

How long after smoking my last cigarette can I start using NIXIT™?

Does it matter how many NIXIT™ nicotine lozenges do I consume in 24 hours?

Will I still have cravings while using the lozenge?

How long will it take before I stop feeling any cravings?

Can I get addicted to this as well?

Can I use the lozenge along with the nicotine patch?

Can I use NIXIT™ only during some part of the day and smoke during the rest of the day?

I don't get the same "kick" as I used to get out of the cigarettes, why?

How long should I use NIXIT™?

What is the minimum duration gap between two NIXIT™ nicotine lozenges?

What do I do if I start smoking again despite using lozenges?

Can I use NIXIT™ to help quit chewing tobacco, cigars, or pipe smoking?

Seek Doctor’s Advice

Can I consume NIXIT™ alongside other medication?

Can I use this product if I am a cardiac patient?

Can I use this product if I am a diabetes patient?


How are the lozenges priced?

NIXIT™ is expensive, I can’t afford it!

What flavours are available?

How many lozenges per pack?

How well does the nicotine lozenge work?

Where is NIXIT™ available / Where can I purchase it from?

What is the time duration of delivery if I order online?


What should I do to improve my chances of being nicotine independent?

Can I / should I consume NIXIT™ even after 3 months?