Smoking can make you impotent…Quit smoking now!

Smoking can make you impotent…Quit smoking now!

Despite knowing the multiple dangerous hazards smoking can cause, you have not yet quit smoking! Let us give you another compelling reason. Has your wife been trying to conceive for quite some time but not yet successful? Maybe it’s your habit of smoking that is causing the issue. If yes, you need to consider quitting smoking right away to start your family!

You might wonder, what does smoking have to do with fertility? As long as everything is well, it isn’t of much concern, but when infertility becomes an issue then smoking comes in the limelight as a possible cause for both male as well as female infertility. When either of the partners smokes, it takes much longer to conceive.

Impact of smoking on male reproductive system

•  Low sperm count

•  Sperm motility problems

•  Hormonal issues

•  Erectile dysfunction 

 It has become common knowledge that smoking adversely impacts the reproductive system. Even men who are exposed to second hand smoke are affected by it. A common misconception among people is that as long as they do not smoke, they are fine. They take little or no precaution to stay away from second hand smoke, and in the process, get affected.

The one problem that most men dread is erectile dysfunction. Smoking is one of the causes for not being able to maintain an erection. If that is not enough smoking also causes hormonal problems in men.

How smoking affects male fertility?

Men are high risk of developing infertility due to smoking. Smoking affects several aspects of male reproductive system, causing a reduction in total sperm count, sperm density, sperm motility, normal sperm morphology, semen volume, and fertilizing capacity.

 Studies have shown that smoking adversely affects sperm count and sperm motility. The motility of a sperm is its ability to swim to the fallopian tubes of the female partner and penetrate the egg. The sperms become weak and are no longer able to perform this task and hence it leads to male infertility.

Smoking can also cause a DNA damage at the sperm levels, impacting DNA integrity of the sperm.

Does your smoking impact your wife’s pregnancy & child birth?

If your wife has managed to conceive and is through her pregnancy, your smoking can still affect the unborn child and your wife. There is some evidence to suggest that paternal smoking is associated with congenital anomalies and childhood cancer. Some other studies stated that, children born to mothers whose husbands smoked pre, during and post pregnancy, to be lower on speech and language skills, intelligence, visual/spatial abilities than children born to non-smoker parents.

 In summary, the association between cigarette smoking and impotence is significant. Smoking by men and passive and active smoking by women are associated with delays and complications in starting a family.

We hope we have been able to present scientific facts to you to quit smoking for the family you have been wanting to start. If you or your spouse, or someone in your vicinity smokes, advise them to quit smoking!


DISCLAIMER: "The scientific/technical content of this publication has been developed for educational purpose only and you are requested to consult a Registered Medical Practitioner for appropriate diagnosis and treatment."



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