The most important time to quit smoking is now. Find out why

The most important time to quit smoking is now. Find out why

One of the most dangerous consequences of smoking is that it makes you and those around you vulnerable to infection and disease. Particularly to infections that affect the respiratory system

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You don’t need time or reason to quit 

We already know that smoking adversely affects every organ system in the body. The toxins from cigarettes are deposited in the lungs and your bloodstream, increasing your chances of contracting infections such as pneumonia and cold. So, it’s no surprise that smokers are among those at higher risk of lung infections.


smoking effects on lungs

What makes the risk greater for you?

The virus attacks the respiratory system. And when you smoke, the cells that produce mucus and infections grow exponentially in size and number. Smoking also reduces airflow, creates irritations and damages lung tissue. Resulting in a higher chance of infection that keeps multiplying with every cigarette.

Since smoking is a very social habit, most people tend to share a cigarette with a friend or a colleague. However, it is also another point at which you can catch an infection.


So, what happens when you decide to be a quitter?

Within hours of quitting, your body starts to experience a host of benefits and begins a process of recovery.

Benefits of quitting smoking

The effect that quitting smoking has on your lungs and immunity can’t be stressed enough. When you do, you give your body a fighting chance against infections and also protect those around you.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

The journey to quit smoking has never been an easy one. But if you are ready to quit, then Nixit is here to help quit for good. Our Nicotine Lozenges and Nicotine Gums can help you replace your need for a smoke. Want to find out more about our Nicotine Replacement Products? Visit to Buy Now

Remember, quitting smoking is the best way to stay safe during this global pandemic.


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