Effects of smoking

Smoking hazards are well established through numerous scientific studies. Smoking affects almost all parts of your body and deteriorates your overall health. Here are some of them:
Gastrointestinal Tract

Nicotine Addiction

What to expect during your quit journey?

While you are successful at staying away from cigarettes, you might initially notice a few of the following typical withdrawal symptoms. Don’t be surprised. Use of NIXITTM Nicotine Lozenges reduce these symptoms, but may not eliminate them completely. They will go away with time. Stay focused on your goal of becoming an ex-smoker. Studies indicate that if you do not have a single puff in first week, your chances of success increases dramatically.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are the unwanted and distressing effects seen when a person quits smoking. Most withdrawal symptoms begin within the first 1-2 days, peak in the first week and last for 3-4 weeks.
You may have irritability or difficulties during the first few days after you quit smoking. Having even a single puff can lead to a return to smoking cigarettes regularly. Be prepared, and remember why you wanted to quit.

These includes:

Difficulty in concentrating
Craving for smoking
Increased hunger
Impaired performance

Hurdles of Quitting

Once you quit smoking, you are likely to experience periodic and sometimes intense, temptations to smoke. Certain situations present special challenges. Some common ones include:


When you are feeling stressed or upset, you may think a cigarette will make everything better. It won’t. Find other ways to relax and unwind.

The Blues

You may be especially vulnerable when you feel bored or blue. Remember that having a cigarette will just make you feel worse.

Non-availability of Lozenges

When you can’t find a lozenge during craving, the mind automatically urges you to pick up a cigarette instead, that is more easily available.

Peer pressure

You will find a lot of your friends and colleagues, who are smokers themselves, trying to derail you from your resolve of quitting.


Drinking and smoking seem to go together and alcoholic beverages may weaken your resolve, making drinking dangerous to your quit effort.

Automatic Slips

Sometimes you may find yourself preparing to smoke without even realizing it. Watch out for those moments when your hand seems to ’automatically’ reach for a cigarette.

Benefits of quitting

Life starts changing as soon as one quits smoking.